DISPAX World 2019 is brought to you by Green Light Ltd.

Green Light organised DISPAX World events in 2009 (Istanbul) and in 2014 (London).

Other events organised by Green Light include: Body Search 2015 (London), Inflight Emergency Response 2016 (Riga) and the first Behavioural Analysis conference at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, in March 2018. Also taking place in 2019 will be Behavioural Analysis 2019 in Minneapolis, USA.

Green Light is a London-based security training and consultancy company which specialises in aviation security an, in particular, the delivery of training courses on Inflight Security and Unruly Passenger Management and Restraint. For further details on Green Lights’ aircrew and aircrew instructor courses, please click here.

Furthermore, Green Light also delivers consultancy services and training on the implementation of behavioural analysis solutions. Green Light’s own product is T.R.A.P.® (Tactical Risk Assessment of People). For further details on T.R.A.P.® please click here.

For Green Light’s other security training and consultancy services, please visit www.avsec.com

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